Tech Knowled G Computers specializes in building and managing websites for small businesses. We understand that for most small business owners, having a website adds to the complexity of the operation of their business. Updating content and making sure they are effectively using their social media becomes another 'to-do' in an already busy day. So we offer managers and business owners a simple solution.


We Design Your Website

Have a one on one consultation with our designers.

1-2 business days

Access to temporary website to review design and to make design edits.

2-3 Business Days

Completed full website and social media pages

3-10 Business Days

We Host Your Website

Our PROFESSIONAL hosting service is backend by one of the biggest and most secure hosting providers in the INDUSTRY, not only making sure your website has the best uptime and AVAILABILITY, but also keeping you and your clients data safe.

We Update Your Content

All of our plans include at least 2 monthly content updates to keep your website fresh and relevant. if you need to Promote new products or services, highlight special offers, or any other new content just let our design team know and we handle the rest!

1-2 business days 


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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
— Arthur C. Clarke


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